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"I love Doll Fashionistas.  I LOVE your Doll Making Kit!  My doll, April, is beautiful and it was sooooo easy! I've gone from someone who never made a doll to someone who really enjoys this craft.  I am planning to make my second doll with my 11-year old daugher.  I can hardly wait!!"  Leola in Pennsylvania

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The Doll Loft is the Place for Dolls and Clothes to Sew!
Create Your Own Dolls and Doll Clothes with Our Sew-It-Yourself Kits and Clothing Patterns! 


It only takes a few days to sew a fully finished doll and a stylish wardrobe for her to wear!

Doll Loft Doll-making Kits

YOU get to decide the hair, skin tone and ey color of your DREAM DOLL with our Sew-It-Yourself Doll-making Kits!  Our Kits include all of the materials, tools, supplies and instructions necessary to sew your very own customized doll.  Each Kit is lovingly put together and delivered in a perfect package delivered right to your door. Click here to see more...

Doll Loft Clothing Patterns

We take a fresh, new approach to sewing!  Our patterns are very cute and so much fun to stitch!  Each pattern features easy-to-follow diagrams, step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.  There are several different looks in each pattern with multiple sizes to fit store bought dolls too such as American Girl dolls and many others!  Click here to see more....

Doll Loft Materials and Supplies

The Doll Loft is your GO-TO site for your doll crafting needs.  On our Supply page you will find many doll making staples: stuffing, felt, specialized tools, dyes, and much more! Click here to see more....

 At The Doll Loft, we pride ourselves in presenting you with the finest possible products. All of our kits and patterns carry a 100% money back guarantee, period.