Our Book Doll Fashionistas, AUTOGRAPHED by Ellen!  Wonderful, step-by-step instructions to create your doll with patterns for a DOZEN mix and match outfits.  Also included is a FREE, 35 minute DVD with Ellen and the famous sewing icon, Nancy Zieman making dolls together!    Order Quickly!  Only a few left!







Easy step-by-step instructions to sew your very own 18-inch doll! This CD includes fully illustrated instructions, full-sized pattern pieces, our easy-to-draw face template and instructions to dye and attach your dolls hair.  YOU get to create exactly the doll you want!  You'll also get to watch Ellen demonstrate doll-making techniques, drawing the face with watercolor pencils and much more!






Beautiful 100 percent wool felt.  The perfect, eco-friendly, doll-making fabric.  Choose from our three colors: Peach, Tan or Warm Brown.  The felt is cut to make one Doll Fashionista includes pattern layout instructions. 



Skin Tone Color Choices


Our gorgeous, soft, wavy yarn falls naturally into cute doll hairstyles.  We have five lovely colors to select from: Black, Brown, Red, Golden and Blond. 


Hair Color Choices


We use eco-friendly, high-loft stuffing.  The stuffing is made from corn fiber and is a renewable resource.  Enough to make one Fashionista doll or two EveryGirl Dolls.






Select Pencil Sets for your doll eyes and lips.  Each eye set includes light, medium and dark shades in four colorways to create the dimensional eye described in the book.  Select from Brown, Blue, Green and Hazel.                                       


$10.00 per set.

Eye Colorway Choices

Our Lip Pencil Set includes Red and two shades of Pink.    

$10.00 per set. 

Select Black or Brown Pens to outline facial features.  Our pens use archival ink which will not fade or run.                                                                                        

$7.00 each. 

Color Choices


The perfect tool to easily make doll fingers.  Includes a set of chenille stems for movable fingers.




A set of 3 doll making needles including a 5-inch sculpting needle, a 7-inch jointing needle and a curved needle perfect for attaching doll hair.