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Mia and Olivia

'I finished the doll shortly after receiving the kit I ordered from you at the Long Beach Quilt Show. My daughter, the doll hater, loves it!!!! I've just been wanting to say thanks for the inspiration.  You got my creative juices flowing again and it's wonderful.  I'm attaching a picture of my daughter and 'Olivia'.'

Blessings to you and yours,

Monica S.

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Select from our two Doll Making Kits

The EveryGirl Doll Making Kit

  • Perfect for Beginners - aged 10 and up
  • Makes one 18-inch doll (the same size as the American Girl doll)


The Doll Fashionistas Kit

  • Great for more experienced sewists aged 12 and up
  • Makes one 22-inch doll
  • Includes my book, Doll Fashionistas and a FREE DVD with sewing ICON, Nancy Zieman.

Both dolls can be sewn by machine or by hand.

 The EveryGirlTM Doll Making Kit


The EveryGirlTM Doll Making Kit includes:

  • The EveryGirl Doll Simple Sewing Handbook  with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to sew your own 18-inch doll!
  • Sewing, Cutting, Turning and Stuffing Instructions
  • Special stitches for doll making
  • Fun wet felt face coloring technique
  • The EveryGirl Doll Face Template - the easy way to trace a doll face
  • Beautiful pure wool felt in your choice of 3 colors:                                    Peach    Warm Brown             Tan  
  • Fine Wool Yarn and Hair Dyeing Kit
  • Watercolor Pencil Set
  • Our Sunny Dress Pattern, gorgeous fabric and notions to sew your doll's first dress
  • Doll Making Tools Set - needles, stuffing tools, strong thread, etc.
  • Wonderful, high-loft stuffing

Valued at over $80.00 if purchased separately but just $67.50 in our EveryGirl Doll Making Kit!  




Just $67.50



The Fashionistas Doll Making Kit

The Doll Fashionista is 22 inches tall. The Fashionista Complete Doll Making Kit takes doll making to the next level! 

This Kit features Doll Fashionistas, my 128-page, full-color book which is brimming with exciting doll making techniques and includes:

  • pattern pieces for simple and more advanced versions of our 22-inch doll

  • clothing patterns and instructions for dresses, skirts, pants and tops to create a DOZEN mix and match outfits

  •  the Fashionista Face Template - easily stencil and color a detailed doll face; choose from a variety of facial features - its like paint-by-numbers

  • We show you how to make doll fingers and toes; how to make curly hair; how to achieve different skin tones with our simple felt dyeing process and much more! 

  • Plus, Doll Fashionistas includes a FREE, 35-minute, DVD where sewing ICON, Nancy Zieman joins me to demonstrate each step of the doll making process.

In addition to my book, The Fashionistas Kit includes:

  •  Beautiful 100 percent wool felt in your choice of our three colors (see below)
  • Watercolor pencils and pens to create an amazing doll face in your choice of four colorways
  • Our special turning tool to make doll fingers
  • Eco friendly, high-loft stuffing and other specialized stuffing materials
  • Lusterous wavy yarn to create a thick head of hair in your choice of five colors (see below)
  • Stuffing tools and a 3-piece doll making needle set for jointing and sculpting your doll
  • Fabric and notions to sew a fabulous doll dress with a zipper closure and matching sandals!

These items would total $148.50 if purchased separately.  Our Fashionista Kit is only $98.00!


Skin/Felt Color Choices:

   Peach        W. Brown       Tan

 Hair Color Choices:


       Blonde                     Golden                      Black                    Brown                      Red


  Eye Shade Colorways:

                    Blue                       Brown                      Green                      Hazel 

Only $98.00   

Skin Tone Color Choices
Hair Color Choices
Eye Shade Colorways